Our Actions

Global Cosmetics Cluster-Europe provide an accelerator program toward foreign markets as South Korea, USA, United Arab Emirates, India, and Mexico.

#1 : Market Intelligence

Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe is willing to share knowledge between its clusters and SMEs of on:
  • Information Bulletin: Business, Trends/Technology, Regulatory
  • Focused-Country market studies: Mexico, South Korea, USA, India, EUA

#2 : Capacity building actions

Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe is willing to facilitate access to international markets for SMEs and foster their engagement in GCC.eu international activities.
  • Trainings on Internationalisation: Legal, Regulation, Intercultural, Market, Trends, innovative technologies…
  • Specific Advice
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Peer2Business: Peer-learning Sessions between SMEs

#3 : International Trade and Partnership

Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe seeks to organise joint business missions to international events in Europe and in the targeted countries.
  • Market Place
  • Matchmaking Event in European countries
  • Benchmarking missions outside Europe
  • B2B missions outside Europe

#4 : Funding opportunities

Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe helps SMEs to find funding support.
  • EU and Public funding support
  • Investment Forum in Europe